Occupational Hygiene and Safety Career

Overview About Occupational Hygiene and Safety Career

The Occupational Hygiene and Safety career trains professionals capable of planning and controlling the prevention and risk systems in companies.

The study of Occupational Hygiene and Safetyallows to calculate, coordinate and implement systems in work environments with the aim of reducing the risks of fire, ventilation, radiation issues and thermal effects. The professional can participate in the creation of evacuation plans, steps to follow in case of emergencies and in the organization of security at a general level in all areas within their management. The graduate in the career can prevent accidents at work, improve work spaces, audit existing security systems and develop feasibility studies in each of the projects in which it's involved. He can work in public or private companies, use examples of simulation to select and manage the personnel he is in charge of, and use research methods to improve security systems.

The degree has content in physics, chemistry and labor legislation and can be studied as a bachelor's degree or a shorter career with specializations. The main goal is to improve the quality of life of workers in their workplace.

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