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Overview About Business Administration Career

The career of Business Administration prepares trained professionals to effectively manage and direct the human resources of a company, entity or organization at a global level.

Business Administration is a complete career, you'll learn aboutall the different aspects and the areas that make up a company, you'll obtain economic, humanistic, accounting and administrative knowledge.

Bachelor in Business Administration is a degree course that can be completed in person or online, with an approximate duration of 4 years, the training is directly related to Economics, Accounting, Statistics and Costs, upon graduation from this career, if you have completed 4 years, the title of Bachelor of Administration is awarded.

In many Universities, after 3 years of studies, they offer an intermediate degree as a University Technician, and there are also universities that offer a double degree. Generally for the inscription in the study of administration of companies it's necessary to have approved the complete Secondary level.

Some subjects that you'll have in the course of Business Administration: Mathematical Analysis, Economics, Sociology, Algebra, Microeconomics, Law, Administration, Financial Calculation, Management and Costs, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Logistics, Innovation, Marketing, among others.

In an organization, numbers are always important. Therefore a good administrator knows how to control the finances of an organization so that, at the end of the fiscal year, there is a profit for the shareholders.

The administrator also has to know how to protect an organization against possible threats and about the legal aspects, knowledge about business contracts, legal obligations that he has as administrator.

Job opportunities

As a graduate in Business Administration, you'll have very good opportunities in the labor market.

You could work for example in a multinational company, coordinating the administrative area or another area, usually in management or superior positions, coordinating the operation and effectiveness of these areas.

The field of work of a business administrator is quite broad, he is qualified to carry out business consulting activities in his own ventures, he can offer services as an external consultant in topics related to marketing, management, processes, services, finances, among others, plus a Business administrator can also work as a public official.

A business administrator can work in different sectors and industries and exercise their profession in public or private organizations, cultural and political institutions, NGOs, public or private entities with or without profit, in public and private companies, SMEs, small, medium or large, national or international.

The Business Administration student becomes a competitive professional because he acquires a solid commercial training that deepens his analytical skills, prepares him to face problems, analyze and solve them, and also acquires knowledge in strategic management, human resources management, marketing and processes .

The training prepares the student so that he can perform his functions in any of the areas, decide and develop the business in each of its channels and do it efficiently .

The profile of the graduate is of an organized leader, confident in himself and that makes decisions with entrepreneurial and innovative character, business with abilities to work in team and to administer any organization. Able to face problems and negotiate in the face of conflict or crisis.

In general terms, an administrator plans and controls : economic resources, technological resources and human resources.

Job positions

A Business Administrator can occupy positions such as:

- Financial
- Chief Executive Officer
- HR director
- Sales Manager
- Administrator
- Company's manager
- Director of a company
- Independent consultor

Popular jobs positions related to Business Administration:

- Staff coordinator
- Administrator
- Senior analyst
- Direction assistant
- Executive assistant
- Management assistant
- Auditor
- External auditor
- Financial auditor
- Internal Auditor
- Senior auditor
- Coordinator
- Delegate
- Director of Administration
- Director of economic analysis
- Managing Director
- Industrial director
- Director organization
- Technical director
- Administration manager
- Administrative manager
- Quality manager
- Training manager
- Collection Manager
- Quality control manager
- Cost Manager
- Audit manager
- Development manager
- Manager of commercial execution
- Plant manager
- Technical manager
- Supervisor
- Audit supervisor
- Auditor technician

An Administrator can direct and perform various tasks, according to their specialization and area:

- Manage a company's budget
- Evaluate the profitability of a business
- Define the objectives and policies of an organization
- Driving logistics processes
- Plan investment projects
- Design business plans
- Direct community projects
- Conduct market studies.
- Analyze consumer behavior
- Develop a company's pricing policies
- Select Marketing Channels for a product or service
- Prepare and interpret indicators
- Manage productive processes of goods and services.
- Analysis and selection of technologies.

You can also choose to develop your own business and coordinate your own employees. Work as an independent consultant, or in training by transmitting your theoretical and practical knowledge to other companies or young entrepreneurs.

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