Best Ways to Make Money From Home

If you landed here on the site it might be because you want to learn how to make money online and get rid of your full time job. Maybe you want to work less and have more time for the family, or maybe you want to go home and make some money at the same time. Maybe you're already home and want some air in the budget - no matter what you're looking for, here are 7 ideas for how to make money online, all from your own home.

Can you make good money online?

There are many benefits to making money online, of course it's nice to get a little extra into the account, but you can also become proficient in many different topics, gain experience and open the doors to many exciting projects and opportunities in the future. Working from home online is flexible and fun, and what you get out of it often reflects how much effort you put into the work. So it's not something you come to sleep with, and you have to work for every penny - but it can actually be possible to make money online, and it's already a way of life for many. Then you have the dream to work from home and quit your full time job, then read on. If you have the motivation to give it a try and put the hours into what it takes, then it can be a good business. If you expect a quick fix that will make you stink rich overnight - then you can close the page now. There is no focus here, but an income that reflects the work you put into the project.

I have selected some ideas for you - there are many more. I've only chosen to tell you about methods I use or believe in myself. There are many other methods available - and many of them give just a little compared to the time spent on the job. What I want to tell you is that you can make real money, even without putting all your time into it.

1. Write an ebook

Are you an expert on one or more topics? You certainly are if you're just thinking - maybe your expertise can be turned into an ebook? You can write ebooks on just about any topic, from food recipes, needlework, child rearing, life as a mother, etc. An e-book is virtually free to publish, and you can earn a good passive income if you play your cards right. Passive income, you say? YES - it basically just means that you "only" have to do the work (write the book) once, and then you can sell it again and again, and the money rolls into the account.

It sounds smart and easy - why doesn't everyone publish ebooks? They almost do too, and this is where you can get into trouble. Writing an e-book is no problem, the "work" comes only when it has to be marketed and sold. You make no money if nobody buys your new ebook.

There are several ways to do it. If you have your own website or blog, then it's clearly preferable to sell it there. This way, you get all the profits yourself, but you may also have more work with marketing and payment solutions.

For example, if you write in English, you can publish the book on Amazon - they will of course take a bite of the cake when you sell a book. The same is true for Saxo Publishing, which will be worth considering if you're writing a Danish e-book that you lack somewhere to publish. Saxo and Amazon both take 30% to sell your ebook.

Whether you need to publish the book on your own website or blog or publish it with a publisher is entirely up to you. If you already have a website, consider whether you should try to publish it yourself and get the full amount from sales yourself - specially if you're considering making more ebooks.

2. Make online courses

Slightly in the same genre as the ebook, and perhaps it should be an addition to an ebook, is an online course. An online course can also be a great way to make money. Again, you need to have a message that you would like to get out and that's something others will pay money to learn. Are you really good at crocheting or can you teach others how to start their own business? So consider whether it can be turned into an online course.

Like the ebook, the course has to be done only once and then you can sell it over and over again. A good place to do your online courses is Teachable * - Here you can easily set it all up with the possibility of both video, text and uploading worksheets for example. It all works really well and the prices are good, so check it out if you're up and doing an online course.

3. Make Money using social media

Just as you can make money on Affiliate marketing on your blog, so can you on social media. In short, you assume, for example, that you bought an absolutely delicious sweater at a webshop. You can now become part of their affiliate program and share an affiliate link to the sweater on Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest. If any of your followers choose to buy the sweater or other items in the shop after clicking your link, you'll receive a commission of an agreed percentage typically 8-15% of the sale price.

It may well be a good business for you, specially if you have a large crowd of Instagram followers or a large Facebook group with many members where you can share your links. However, be sure to make it clear that these are advertising links, as covert advertising is illegal - even on social media.

In addition to affiliate links, you can also be paid to create sponsored content on social media, which is probably most prevalent on Instagram and YouTube. Here, a company can pay you to mention or display a specific product. Again, remember that sponsored content must also be clearly labeled as advertising.

4. Work freelance with text work

If you're proficient in language and writing, you can become an online copywriter, translator or transcript. You can offer to do freelance text assignments for companies, and be paid per assignment you solve. If you find the right jobs, this may well be a pretty good source of extra income.

Specially if you're fluent in English, you can find many copywriter jobs, but there are also Danish. I have also had Danish transcript jobs, which have made a nice income. If you don't know exactly what transcription is, then write down what is being said on an audio or video file. It's actually a pretty fun job, too.

5. Test websites

You can actually get paid to test websites from home. All it takes to get started is a computer (anywhere just a smartphone or tablet), with audio and a microphone.

This is how you install a program on your computer where the test is done. The test should be done as a recording of your screen and your sound. You're sent to a website that you need to test, and you get your tasks in a small window. You complete the tasks and say your thoughts aloud in the meantime. It's about just saying all the things about the website that fall into your mind. When you have completed the assignments, your admission will be uploaded and you'll receive a payment for your work.

Where to start making money online?

Start making your blog. You can use it for so many things - affiliate marketing, creating sponsored content, building your social media, publishing ebooks and promoting your online courses.

If you already have some social channels with many followers, then you should definitely start making money from them. Add affiliate links to your Facebook group, Instagram posts, or Pins on Pinterest, and look for companies to partner with for sponsored content.

If a blog doesn't appeal to you at all, you're not much for social media, and you just want to make money online every now and then, go find some freelance text work where you can write texts or translations for others, and then combine it with testing websites.

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