Measuring Health Personnel in 3 Steps


The physical and mental health of your staff is of great importance for your company. How can you monitor the health and fitness of your staff? 3 steps and 3 tips for employers.

More and more companies are setting up health programs to keep their employees fit. For example, they reward employees who take more than 5,000 steps a day or have a good night's sleep. They do this with the help of apps and fitness trackers on smartphones, smartwatches or 'smart bracelets'.

Measure staff fitness

The fitness of employees has therefore become measurable. You can get a lot of useful data from pedometers, blood pressure monitors and scales. But how far can you go? What can and can't you do as an employer to keep your employees fit? 3 steps and 3 tips.

1. Ask employees for their opinion

Imposing a health program on your staff isn't a good idea. There are many arguments for not doing it. The goal is to motivate, not to motivate, staff. Before you start, it's therefore smart to ask your staff for their opinion. You can, for example, do this through an internal survey.

The results from such a survey are often positive. That gives you a basis for drawing up a health program. In the survey, for example, ask in which areas (eating / exercising / sleeping / breaks) they would like to be helped and which ways they find appropriate or not.


Emphasize that participation in the health program isn't mandatory and that it has no effect on the assessment of employees, but that it's purely intended as an additional secondary employment condition - a gift to employees who want to improve their health.

2. Be careful with privacy

Privacy is an important point of attention when starting a health program. As an entrepreneur and supervisor you're not allowed to view your employees' personal details. Data on the amount of exercise and the night's rest are 'sensitive personal data' and they can't be shared with a manager, according to the Data Protection Authority:

'Data about a person's health is sensitive. The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) therefore stipulates that these are special personal data and that organizations may only use this data if special conditions are met. '

So you can't just view the personal fitness of an individual employee. You may view the joint results of your staff or of certain teams if they give permission for this.


Many fitness and health apps take privacy rules into account by only allowing employers to view team results. Employees can of course view their own results.

As an employer you can set certain goals for your employees and link them to a reward. If an employee achieves that goal, he gets points or coins with which he can eventually buy something within the app, such as new running shoes or healthy food. So make smart use of this type of apps to improve the health of staff .

3. Have a medical check

You can measure fitness to a large extent through apps and the associated technology. It also gives you an indication of the health of your staff. But to really and properly measure health, the help of a company doctor and / or health and safety service is indispensable. With a good working conditions policy you can keep employees fit and healthy for longer, so that your company remains financially healthy.


You can have the health of your staff measured through a Periodic General Medical Examination (PAGO) or a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). As an employer you're obliged to offer these medical checks to your staff. So make good use of this and keep your employees healthy and vital.

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