List of Career Duties Under Utilities Business Sector

Demand Inspector Career Duties

  • Survey electrical equipment appliances used in industrial plants, commercial establishments, and private homes to compile data for purposes like forecasting power demands, establishing rates, and improving service
  • Examine fixtures, appliances and equipment and records wattage required for their operation
  • Attach meters to appliances & equipment measures power consumption for specified period
  • May suggest changes in consumers equipment to reduce electrical hazards, minimize power loss, and increase efficiency of electric power utilization
  • May perform minor repairs to meters, wiring, and appliances, using handtools.

Demonstrator Electric gas Appliances Career Duties

  • Demonstrate and explains operation care of electric or gas appliances to utility company customers to promote appliance sales, and advises customers on energy conservation methods
  • Visit community organizations and schools to demonstrate operating features care of appliances, like air-conditioners, driers, ranges and washers
  • Explain how electricity or gas is produced & transmitted, reasons for electricity and gas rate increases and methods of efficiently using appliances to conserve energy reduce utility bills
  • Lecture to dealers, sales personnel, and employees of utility company on efficient use care of appliances, as part of training program
  • Answer telephone written requests from customers for information about appliance use
  • May advise customers on related homemaking problems, like kitchen planning, home lighting, heating-fuel conservation, food preparation, and laundering with new fabrics
  • May write articles pamphlets on appliance use
  • May represent utility company as guest on radio or television programs to discuss conservation of electrical or gas energy.

Deposit refund Clerk Career Duties

  • Prepare final bills for mailing to gas electric-power customers
  • Compute and prepares final bills, using adding machine calculator
  • Keep file of deposit certificates surrendered by customer attaches certificates to final bills for refund of deposit
  • Review accounting records to make sure that all charges credits are included in final bills
  • May compute interest due customers for amounts on deposit.

Design Chief Drafter Career Duties

  • Oversee Drafters, Architectural profess. and kin. , Drafters, Electrical profess. and kin. , Drafters, Mechanical profess. and kin. , & Drafters, Structural profess. & kin. in drawing designs of indoor & outdoor facilities & structures of electrical or gas power plants substations
  • Consult with engineering staff on development of plans and designs for buildings & installations prepares layout diagrams for making sure accurate interpretation of designs by workers supervised.

Detail And Lay out Drafter Career Duties

  • Draw up specifications instructions for installation of voltage transformers, overhead or underground cables, and related electrical equipment used to conduct electrical energy from transmission lines or high-voltage distribution lines to consumers
  • Study work order request to determine type of service, like lighting or power, demanded by installation
  • Visit site of proposed installation draws rough sketch of location
  • Take measurements, like street dimensions, distances to be spanned by wire and cable, or space available in existing buildings and underground vaults which affect installation arrangement of equipment
  • Estimate materials, equipment, and incidentals needed for installation
  • Draw master sketch showing relation of proposed installation to existing facilities
  • Make other drawings, like pertaining to wiring connections or cross sections of underground cables, as required for instructions to installation crew
  • Consult Power-Distribution Engineer utilities 003.167-046 on difficulties encountered
  • May draft sketches to scale [Drafter, Electrical profess. kin. 003.281-010]
  • May estimate labor and material costs, using pricelists records on previous projects
  • May inspect completed installation of electrical equipment related building circuitry to verify conformance with specifications
  • May perform duties of Land Surveyor profess. and kin. 018.167-018 and prepare specifications diagrams for installation of gas distribution pipes owned by gas-electric utility.

Development and planning Engineer Career Duties

  • Plan and coordinates activities to provide for orderly development improve operating efficiency of electric power system
  • Coordinate scheduling, conducting and analysis of special studies, like commercial and residential developments in surrounding territory, population estimates and advantages of facilities for interconnections with other power systems
  • Coordinate collection & analysis of operational data, like system-load demands generating capacity
  • Evaluate analyses recommends additional facilities to meet requirements of new, increased, or future loads, or to improve system.

Diesel plant Operator Career Duties

  • Control maintains diesel-electric generating units to produce electric power for distribution or to supply electric power for plant equipment
  • Start diesel engines synchronizes generators with other power sources
  • Inspect equipment to detect malfunctions
  • Perform minor repairs adjustments on equipment, using handtools
  • Record instrument readings in log
  • Issue switching orders to open, close, and tag electric circuits [Switchboard Operator utilities ].

Dispatcher Chief Service Or Work Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of Dispatchers, Service Or Work utilities and power line workers to increase efficiency of work crews and equipment in routine maintenance emergencies, like floods or fire
  • Assign duties to workers according to priority of trouble calls received
  • Relay information & technical instructions between linecrews appropriate department heads concerning power line troubles requiring action not covered by standard operating procedures
  • Verify that all switching operations are accurately recorded reported to make sure safety of linecrews
  • May supervise Dispatchers, Service utilities .

Dispatcher Electric Power Career Duties

  • Coordinate activities of personnel engaged in operating generating stations, substations, and lines of electric power system or electrified railway system to make sure adequate production distribution of electricity to meet power demands
  • In smaller system, calculates load estimates according to corrected weather and consumer-demand records notifies Switchboard Operator utilities at generating stations of electric power required to meet fluctuating demands, or in larger systems receives load schedule for various generating stations from Power-Plant Operator utilities
  • Monitor control board showing operating condition of lines & equipment throughout system makes adjustments or directs workers to make adjustments as conditions warrant
  • Direct Substation Operator utilities and other workers to deenergize malfunctioning circuits or adjusts switches to make sure safety of maintenance crew avoid interruptions of service during repairs
  • Notify maintenance crew of location deenergization of troubled sector, and verifies that workers are clear of repaired equipment before directing energization of circuit
  • Contact other utilities by telephone to arrange exchange of power according to existing contracts or in emergency coordinates tie-in with other systems
  • Compile operational records
  • May operate console of computer which is programmed to automatically perform load-control functions
  • May calculate discharge rate of water in reservoirs utilizing reports of rain, river flow, and water level in reservoirs, and directs setting of watergates at hydroelectric plant to coordinate water flow and power generation with irrigation flood control requirements
  • May compute bills for power delivered to interconnected utilities
  • May be responsible for section of system be designated Load Dispatcher, Local utilities .

Dispatcher Service Career Duties

  • Dispatch customer service workers to install, service, and repair electric, gas, or steam powered systems or appliances, or cable television systems
  • Review work orders from departments or complaints from customers and records type scope of service to be performed
  • Determine schedules orders according to urgency
  • Contact supply storekeeper to verify availability of parts equipment to make sure scheduled work performance
  • Receive check in calls from service workers by radio, telephone, or in person
  • Inform workers of type and location of work to be performed dispatches workers to job
  • Keep records of repairs, installation, removal of equipment or appliances, and hours required on each job
  • May maintain records, using computer terminal
  • May be designated according to utility as Telegraphic-Service Dispatcher tel. tel. .

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