List of Career Duties Under Logging Business Sector

Log Loader Career Duties

  • Operate heel-boom log loader equipped with cable, hydraulic, or pneumatically controlled grapples to load logs onto log trucks
  • Select logs to be loaded according to specie and size required to attain balanced compact load
  • May be designated according to type of machine operated as Shovel-Loader Operator logging .

Log Loader Helper Career Duties

  • Load logs onto trucks or railroad cars, performing any combination of following tasks
  • Hand signals directions for hoisting of trailer from truck chassis positioning of truck for loading
  • Connect brake & electrical lines trailer to truck
  • Position railcars for loading, using power winch, pinchbar, and car hand brakes
  • Secure tongs, slings, or other attachment to log, guides loading of logs by hand using hand signals, and releases attachments
  • Trim protruding limbs and knots, using ax chain saw
  • Mark log with specified symbols, using paint spray can or branding hammer
  • Secure load with chains, cables, or steel straps
  • May roll logs up ramp position logs on truck, using peavey or cant hook
  • May be designated according to type of loading equipment involved as Jammer Operator Helper logging , Grapple Operator Helper logging , or work location as Loader Helper, Sorting Yard logging .

Log Sorter Career Duties

  • Sort logs in boom according to species, size, and owners markings
  • Separate logs, floats them into designated bays with pike pole and closes bay with chain or cable
  • Open bay maneuvers logs into designated rafting or mill storage area
  • May unload logs from railroad cars log trucks
  • May operate motorboat to move logs
  • May assemble log rafts [Rafter logging ]
  • May brand logs with owners markings [Log Marker logging ].

Log truck Driver Career Duties

  • Drive truck, equipped with long-tongued trailer, to haul logs from forest to mill or storage yard
  • Maneuver truck into loading position according to signals from loading crew
  • Fasten chain or cable binders around logs to secure load on trailer during transit
  • May release binders start power hoist to dump logs
  • May assist in loading unloading logs, using crane hook or cant hook
  • May raise empty trailer to carrying position on truck bed, using hoist, for deadhead empty trip to forest
  • May steer trailer from cab attached to rear end of log trailer be designated Trailer Steerer logging .

Logger All round Career Duties

  • Harvest timber trees, performing combination of following tasks
  • Fell trees in specified direction, removes limbs and top and measures cuts tree into log lengths, using chain saw, wedges and ax
  • Secure cables to logs drives tractor or horses to skid logs to landing
  • Load logs onto trucks by hand or using winch
  • May drive truck to haul logs to mill.

Logging equipment Mechanic Career Duties

  • Adjust, maintains, and repairs gasoline-, hydraulic-, and diesel-powered logging equipment accessories, like air compressors, cranes, donkey engines, generators, and road graders
  • May overhaul and repair tractors [Tractor Mechanic automotive ser. ] automotive vehicles [Automobile Mechanic automotive ser. ]
  • May weld or cut metals, using electric or gas welder [Welder, Combination welding ].

Logging Superintendent Career Duties

  • Direct coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in logging operations
  • Review logging orders and inspects designated timber tract terrain to define methods for logging operations, size of crew and equipment requirements
  • Confer with mill, company and government forestry officials regarding methods for logging tract in order for defining safest most efficient method
  • Engage personnel directs setting up of equipment at logging site
  • Plan, schedules, and coordinates logging operations in accordance with production requirements and in compliance with safety laws government regulations
  • Observe logging operations to detect unsafe working conditions noncompliance of workers with safety regulations
  • Change logging procedures or methods to eliminate unsafe conditions warns or disciplines workers disregarding safety regulations
  • Prepare production personnel time records for management
  • May negotiate contract with mill, logging company, governmental agency, or individuals to perform logging operations be designated Logging Contractor logging .

Logging Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in felling bucking trees, skidding logs from forest, and loading logs on trucks
  • Train workers in felling and bucking trees, operation of tractors & loading machines, yarding loading techniques and safety regulations
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • When logging activities are confined to one side of timber stand or tract, may be designated Side Boss logging .

Powersaw Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in felling trees, trimming off limbs, and sawing felled trees into logs
  • Specify log lengths to be cut, trees to be left, stump height and cutting sequence
  • Train workers in felling & bucking techniques safety practices
  • Give instructions to workers in felling trees with unusual or dangerous characteristics
  • May supervise Tree-Shear Operators logging
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Pulp Piler Career Duties

  • Stack pulpwood logs in piles at skidway or landing near logging road or stream
  • Place logs on pile by hand, or guides logs into position with cant hook as log is lifted by mechanical means.

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