List of Career Duties Under Knitting Business Sector


Pompom Maker Career Duties

  • Fabricate pompoms for knitted headwear
  • Gather spools of yarn according to type color specified on work order
  • Position secures winding wheel on workbench
  • Thread yarn through tension devices guides of winding wheel
  • Manually rotates wheel to form skein of yarn
  • Ties string around yarn, pulls yarn from wheel, and cuts yarn between strings to form pompom, using handsaw or scissors
  • Fluff yarn by hand into shape of pompom.

Pressing Machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend machine, consisting of pressing roll and ironing shoe, that shapes smooths knitted garments
  • Press control lever to revolve roll to engage ironing shoe with revolving roll while machine is heating
  • Adjust rheostat to heat ironing shoe to maintain specified temperature
  • Disengage heating ironing shoe from roll, stops roll, and spreads garment on roll
  • Start roll reengages ironing shoe to press garment
  • Remove pressed garment from machine
  • May be designated according to garment or garment part pressed as Cuff Presser knitting .

Processor Career Duties

  • Tend machine that untwists extracts water or chemicals from knit tubing after bleaching, washing, and dyeing, and applies finish to tubing preparatory to drying
  • Position containers of wet knit tubing on turntable of machine
  • Turn thumbscrews to adjust width of spreader, according to specifications
  • Thread tubing through tension rollers around spreader, and ties end of tubing to leader
  • Turn handwheel to regulate pressure on squeeze rollers
  • Turn valve to admit finishing solution into trough of machine
  • Start machine observes operation to detect twists in knit tubing
  • Revolve turntable from which tubing is fed to untwist tubing
  • Measure width of tubing with hand rule to verify conformance to standards
  • Doff tubing from swing-folding attachment
  • May mix finishing solution, following formula.

Redye Hand Career Duties

  • Sort bags hose, panty hose, and tights that are to be redyed, according to style, size, and length
  • Examine article to locate markings knitted in foot and welt that designate style size
  • Measure overall length of article with scale for defining length classification
  • Record on production sheet quantity, type, size, and style of articles processed prepares ticket for bag, indicating style number, quantity, and size
  • Bags hose of identical style, size, and length, attaches ticket to bag, and stores bags in bins.

Reexaminer Career Duties

  • Inspect samples of surgical hose, panty hose, stockings, leotards, and socks of specified styles, or samples previously examined by Pairers knitting 684.687-010, to make sure that specifications are met
  • Record findings on each sample, noting quantity and types of defects found whether sample met specifications
  • May train supervise Pairers knitting
  • May inform supervisors workers responsible for defective samples.

Roll Turner Career Duties

  • Tend machine that turns circular knitted cloth knit tubing inside out winds cloth into rolls
  • Pull end of cloth through turning pipe slotted metal form
  • Open & pulls end of cloth over turning pipe circular spreader
  • Insert turned end under feed rollers laps end around takeup roll
  • Shift lever to activate feed winding rollers
  • May mount roll of tubing on stand remove turned rolls.

Rolling machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend machine that spreads knit tubing from rope form to full width winds it into rolls preparatory to further processing
  • Pull knit tubing over spreader wraps end around takeup roll
  • Start machine observes cloth to detect splices
  • Stop machine separates joined ends, using shears, or by raveling seams with fingers
  • Lift roll out of machine.

Rolling up machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend machine that stretches sets circular knitted cloth knit tubing to uniform width
  • Turn screws to adjust width of spreader according to specifications
  • Turn valves to admit steam into steam box that sets stretched cloth
  • Thread cloth over feed guide rollers, around spreader, through steam box, and between pressure rolls, and wraps end of cloth around takeup roll or guides end through swing-folding attachment
  • Start machine observes flow of cloth to detect cloth defects, like dirt, dye streaks, and holes
  • Cuts defects from cloth, using shears
  • Measure width of calendered cloth with hand rule
  • Cuts calendered cloth with shears or automatic cutter attached to machine doffs rolls of cloth from machine
  • May lower top pressure roller to press cloth
  • May attach identification tag to end of cloth bolt
  • May tend calender fed from rolls, handtruck, or another machine.

Sample Display Preparer Career Duties

  • Fill orders for sample hose for sales personnel customers
  • Select hose, panty hose, surgical hose and socks according to specifications examines hose for defects
  • Pair hose according to size, color and length
  • Attach label designating size, color, and style to top of hose
  • Fold packs hose in boxes
  • Record name of customer or seller, size, style, color, and quantity of hose, and shipping date
  • May stamp identifying information on hose, using transfer paper stamping iron.

Seamless hosiery Knitter Career Duties

  • Tend circular knitting machines with automatic pattern controls that knit seamless hose
  • Place yarn spools on creel, threads starts machine
  • Observe operation of machines notifies Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting 689.260-026 of any malfunction
  • Remove knitted hose from machines
  • Pull hose over inspection form or over hand to examine for defects, like holes, runs, or picks
  • Classify hose according to specifications into grades, like first quality, rejects, and mends
  • Count, bundles, ties, and labels each grade of hose
  • Clip loose or connecting threads on or joining socks, using scissors
  • May measure overall length of hose, using scale on inspection form
  • May mark defective portion of hose for Hosiery Mender knitting 782.684-030, using crayon
  • May be designated according to type of hose knitted as Sock Knitter knitting .

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